Intelligent Robot Core Components

Always on the Right Path

Wayrobo Multi-sensor fusion Technology

Mow without the hassles of Perimeter wires

Establish Virtual Boundaries Using Autonomous Vehicle Positioning Technology, with an Accuracy down to 2-3 cm.

Embrace the Intelligent Future, Reap the Benefits.

Spend less time mowing and more time with family and friends.

Effortless Lawn and Garden Management

Easily and visually manage your lawn and garden in the most efficient way possible.

Real-Time Monitoring and Management via your phone

Create virtual boundaries and restricted zones remotely using the Wayrobo App.

Map your lawn and garden true to reality, with your cherished flowers, trees, and pools.

Automatic Obstacle Detection and Avoidance

Identify obstacles and plan routes to avoid producing unsightly tracks

GNSS+IMU High-Precision Positioning

Utilizing technology from autonomous vehicles

Always ensure CM-level positioning accuracy, even in tree-covered or high-wall areas.


Set up Charging Stations with easy and flexible placement, reliable docking every time.

Safety Ensured

Never Crossing the Boundary

No Overlapping Cuts

Automatic Charging

Aerodynamically efficient design, Get yourself a sports mower

Beautiful Tail light, No hide-and-seek at night.

Multi-Sensor Fusion Solution

Improved robust high-precision positioning solution.






Create Your Unique Lawn Patterns.